Leather Shop

Meet James


Cabin Branch Tack Shop employs James P. Alford, an experienced craftsman, skilled in saddle and leather repairs. Under his direction, we are able to offer custom-made tack as well as comprehensive saddle and tack repairs, including reflocking and balancing as well as the repair or replacement of trees. 

Saddles in for repair

"He could have gone to the Stanley Furniture plant, where his father worked for 38 years, but 'that wasn’t my thing,' he says. 'I got to the tack shop, and that was it. I thought: ‘Oh, this is where I need to be.'"

Hands of a craftsman

"'Take your time, have patience, and it will all fall right into place. I say all the time, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have taken this job here.’ And then I’ll sit there and think to myself, 'What I’m going to do?’ and I can picture in my mind how I want it to look when I get done.'"

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